Yanga’s web community is an online community for Africa minded people.

The guy called Yanga I met in the first years following on new year 2006. He said he wanted a website to put his photos on. We made a lot of photos in B1050 Elsene, one of the communities Brussels is composed of and where the Matonge district is situated. Among one another we talk French but we decided to do this extra effort to get an English version of the Yanga community online.

House in construction
Since several months the house you see trough the middle window is being renovated. Thus when our stuff becomes worsely written please remember this. Today it’s calm. Especially during the hot days of July and August there has been worked hardly. Mainly manual work as the covering of the house with a new roof, knocking out the windows. Claude may write better English than I myself but he is writing his book now which is in French. Please never omit to inform how it progresses.

House about finished
House about finished