Chicken with baken bananas and peanut sauce

Claude Yanga the owner of this site has been my guest for the first x years of our friendship. One day it seemed definitive that he preferred his own home. Was that because after years I had still only one recipe? Or because I thought of a second? For that second he recommended me to put a salt dry fish in water let it swell and then prepare. I don’t remember exactly what I had to serve it with. Around that time he stayed away. I had only finished the first stage of a renovation of my interior. Maybe that’s it and I think that it’s difficult to find the right setup to get visitors over the footstep. Even when you leave everything untouched when you move to another apartment or house or whatever in the world.

Baken bananas are a tropical food that you can only find where coloured people live, thus since Merkel’s refugee politics always more frequently and soon everywhere on the Earth you can imagine. Big girl Merkel! She started her life as a woman of the world by keeping halt by small groups of Russian soldiers she met along the road. Was it now on her way to the butcher, the bakery, school or church, until now I couldn’t find that back in any biography. Neither that she ever accepted the soldiers’ offer to take a taste from their gamel. I would still explain you the difference between an eating banana and a common one but that’s about the same. Maybe eating bananas are a little bit more practical to prepare because other ones become completely weak and eventually disintegrate. Maybe you have to roll them in the flour before baking to get that brown crust as in the Congolese restaurants. Storekeepers always warn their customers for tasting eat bananas rawly.

I don’t know about the way you are used to preparing your chicken but I suppose through the years you developed your own cooking style. To fix the ideas I would propose you to buy a roasted chicken in the supermarket. I would also suggest to serve it with rice. Else if you insist eating African but without rice then replace it by yam. The average Congolese doesn’t like so much yam as far as I know. Whole civilisations in Africa survived grace to yam, thus maybe for many, it has become too much. Can you imagine yourself eating pears every day? The consequences of yam are not even as terrible as the latter. It tastes a little bit as cooked potatoes in a bechamel sauce.

Finally, I’ll tell you how to make a peanut sauce. It’s possible that I omit some ingredients but if you have that impression indeed you can always ask one of the other customers of the store where you buy your bananas or even the storekeeper himself next time or better from beforehand. Put one or more soup spoons in a pan, let it melt and add milk and/or water while stirring. Go on until you get a pudding like sauce. You can even use coco milk and then moreover it has a real candy taste!

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