Highrise in Belgium


Belgium is the proud homeland of a series of skyscrapers below 150 m following a recent negligent search. Let’s mention that the last new skyscraper in Saudi Arabia, the Jeddah tower will reach over 1 kilometer by its expected completion in 2020. Another tower with compared height, Dubai Creek Tower, is expected in 2021 in Dubai. The Burj Khalifa tower in Dubai is 830 m high the tip included. The shard in London is around 300 m, a raw 200 m below the height of WTC tower in New York destroyed in the 28th year of its existence.


Midi tower

More 140+ towers

Dexia tower

Finance tower

Apartment tower near the channel

120 m towers

Madou tower

Belgacom tower

100 m towers

Most famous church and other towers

Antwerp’s cathedral

Antwerp’s Kredietbank tower

Brussels cathedral

No highrise but worth mentioning


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