The crime of the Congo

Bas Congo

The crime of the Congo is written by Sir A. Conan Doyle, better-known as the spiritual father of Sherlock Holmes. He has also written science fiction (e.g. The Lost World and The Poison Belt) and horror and is also the author of a number of anti-political works or political criticisms.

The crime of the Congo

The crime of the Congo is a work every Belgian should read if he hasn’t read it yet. The first paragraph of the preface is a direct attack of the English on the folk with a smaller population the Belgians represent. The crime of the Congo seems to reduce all other battles of the Northsea regions to child’s play. In the next paragraph, Doyle once again emphasizes the monstrosity of this crime illustrated with many examples that can not surpass the Belgian crime in terms of the level of horror. And so on.

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The Congo Reform Association
(Granville House, Arundel Street, W. C.)

The Congo Reform Association was a movement to make the Congolese victims aware of their situation and to help them out. The founders were Dr Henry Grattan Guinness (1861-1915) an Irishman, Edmund Dene Morel, born on July 10, 1873, Paris, and died on November 12, 1924 in Devon, England and Roger David Casement born on September 1, 1864, in Sandycove, Ireland and died on August 3 1916 at Pentonville Prison, London, England. In 1908, the Congo-free state of absolute domination of Leopold II of Belgium is taken over as “Belgian Congo”. the Congo Reform Association felt that the goal had been achieved and resolved in 1912.

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