How to build a website

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Nothing is as easy as building just a website but building one that stands out is a real art. It’s not our intention to guide you through the steps to become a successful webmaster. Here you only find how to install a blog in a hurry.

Web hosting is a small piece of web space coming from a giant web server. We call this shared web hosting. They also sell web hosting under other names which is for more specialized websites as huge e-commerces, chat sites a.o. You can program your blog more or less yourself if you’re a little bit handy with internet programming languages as e.g. php or asp but then you can get trouble with spam you can’t handle anymore. Thus download better a safe blog program as WordPress or other you can find in your hosting under “Elephant Installer” or “Installatron”, “Zacky Tools” …

In earlier times when people had to be happy with less web space, had less memory on their computer or in other words when they didn’t talk about “giga” yet, webmasters often uploaded the files of their website one by one. In our time you would need too much time to work this way. We may be happy that FTP programs exist. I myself always use core FTP which is so simple that I never did much pain to learn in detail how to use the other ones. Join a bloggers’ group in your area in case you get stuck but you should be able to use everything on the web just intuitively.

How to build your own theme?

Go to to download the most popular framework you can find on the web. Then attentively read the documentation, choose your favourite top navigation bar. Play with the browser window to understand the technique to make your site responsive and learn from all these other examples.

Interesting blogs to read

When you do a lot of searches for this subject after a while you will discover that you fall regularly on the same magazines.

Further support

Ask on slack in case you get your account.

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