Here is how to make some pocket money in a hurry

Blacks by Peter Paul Rubens

Some extra money is always welcome in any who’s pocket thus let’s do a small research for the most logical & easy way(s). Image Peter Paul Rubens [Public domain], via Wikimedia CommonsFour Studies of the Head of a Negro

Posing in the academy

This is something that works. You can find offers for a longer term job online, without doubt also in Belgium but maybe that is not really your intention. If you do not find anything in your immediate environment, it is quite possible that all vacancies are now filled in. If you just want to earn some pocket money, you might be more successful at the evening school. The Academy of Schaerbeek in the Groenstraat in B1030 Schaerbeek, Belgium, had a great success in the nineties. They paid out but as the row was so long, there was no question of a second time. One evening posing as model existed in three sessions of each half an hour. They paid in a fair way. If you are not satisfied with a regular day loan, why not apply (ev. spontaneously) at the addres of a painting artist? Earlier you found all this kind of small ads in a local newspaper but since the Internet???

More about models not to confuse with the fashion world

The job must exist since a very long time. However, they seldom mention the name of the model. When the art work represents the painter’s wife the model’s identity obvious. Also when it is a famous person, self-portraits, and in other cases.


An example of a painting of a famous person

Retrato ecuestre del duque de Lerma (Rubens)The duke of Lerma by Peter Paul Rubens [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons. On the left you see a portrait of Francisco Gómez de Sandoval y Rojas, the first Duke of Lerma. Although the Sandoval family was ancient and powerful, under Philip II they had little effective share in the government as all nobles. However, later the duke of Lerma became a favourite of Philip III of Spain.



Restauration of Rubens painting with blacks

Photo’s of a live model in the academy

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