Introducing CryptoTab browser with passive mining capacities.

CryptoTab browser

CryptoTab browser is the first browser with mining capacity. You install it just as a common browser and surf. At the same time, when you put it “ON”, you’re mining Bitcoin. As a sole miner you will make some dollars a month in so far you’re most of the time online. But if you know how to motivate a lot of people to join your network, you should be able to reach a revenue comparable with that of the president of America. See further for the calculation. People who use the browser and and reached the amount for a withdrawal say that it does pay out.

The affiliate program to start your network

The browser comes with a mass of promotion material: banners, landings, images, videos. And you can make as many affiliate links as you want. Thus if you plan it from beforehand you know from which link your referrals come. You don’t need to sign up, it’s all included. There are ten levels in your downline. When you have the browser installed and in the “ABOUT” scroll down you see two levers to experiment about the earnings of your downline you get next kind of calculation:

Possible earnings of your network

This one in the case that you have five friends on your higest affiliate level working with Cryptotab browser and who each have five friends on their highest level and so on. You get 15% to 0.0625% from the earnings of your downline that has ten possible levels.

CryptoTab browser’s mining capacities and the need for a wallet

This is the most profitable way of free mining I tried out until now. You can’t loose a lot by using it. About the fourth day you must be able to do your first withdrawal. How you do a withdrawal? You have to give a wallet adress. If you haven’t yet a wallet address then open an account at e.g. Do it immediately if you intent to play for bitcoin or using CryptoTab browser because it can take a little bit of time before it is active. Also, it’s only an example of online wallet about which I know from experience that they are absolutely neutre and never asked me a dim. Go ahead if you want to try something else but I can’t recommend you any. At you can make new addresses under “FUNCTIONS” in the top menu.

CryptoTab as a common browser

It is all about a common browser indeed. The Crypto browser is based upon Chrome, maybe the most populart browser since its existence. CryptoTab browser has also his own extensions with e.g. the weatherforcast, tools to change te look, and more comparable with other browsers.

Are there other browsers ort browsers mining other currencies than bitcoin?

No, at this moment CryptoTab browser is the only one in its kind which doesn’t exclude anything for the futur. Since about a decade we all know the Bitcoin and how different it is from common money. Bitcoin is not the only digital currency. At the moment of the writing of this post there are 2022 digital coins, number 2022 being called “birds”. Even though Bitcoin will have a limited number of coins, new coins are made every day and all of them are following Bitcoin’s track.


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CryptoTab browser

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