Brussels is improving

Today I finally looked up if the cannabis shop in Steenstraat 32 in 1000 Brussels BE is legal or not. An orkut friend in the years 2005, 2006, 2007 … had already told me about the numerous drug stores in Amsterdam at that time. Shortly afterwards during my first visit to that city, I actually enjoyed watching a cyber bar while surfing, watching the drug users sitting behind a glass door smoking their joint. One even was in tail-coat, who knows how to rent specially for the occasion. The first results from my search in Google however led to a very different Cannabis shop located in the Lesbroussartstraat in Ixelles which would be the first in Belgium.

The products in this store would not be cannabis yet still legally prohibited in Belgium, but a depleted derivative or related product that is perfectly permitted, like all legal medicines! (Maybe stay away.) What exactly is all about reading this (Dutch) page, probably the most official one.

Hoek Anspachlaan - Rijkeklarenstraat
Corner Anspachlaan – Rijkeklarenstraat
Back to the center where a similar store can be found on the corner of Anspachlaan and Rijkeklarenstraat.

In the neighborhood, I once saw a lot of people in the early hours to get in somewhere through a very small door. Thick white clouds rose high above the pack. A man told me very obligingly that this was a drugdancing and asked if I sometimes wanted to go inside. I said nothing and saw that a second man had joined him and embraced him. It’s a shame but not a trace today. Hopefully he will come out sometime. I’ve seen him twice.


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  1. These shops do not stand out at all anymore. In retrospect you would almost say that the first “accidents” were reported and they subsequently closed. Or else they are/were not rendabel enough.

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