Some feedback on CryptoTab browser

CryptoTab Browser

The crypto browser is the easiest tool to make Bitcoin for FREE I met until now. But there are a few points of weakness because of which I switched to Chrome a couple of times. These I would like to discuss or mention in this post.

The first technical issue happened during the upload phase of the featured image in a standard WordPress blog post. No idea what the cause is. Maybe something with the buffer???

If you didn’t know it yet, Google+ profiles don’t exist any longer than 1th of Apr-il google says itself because there isn’t much done with them. Probably in Google+ developers dreams it could grow out till a dating program which unhappy enough didn’t happen until now. Maybe they are right. It would would be too funny that you started or tried to start something with people you just met in a discussion group. Who knows it would all lead to more violence in the sleeping room. I myself can’t share on Google+ with the CryptoTab browser while with my Chrome browser I understood that nothing is going on.

There is also something strange by which I enter the part of positive feedback. Earlier, when mining Monero, first I read that Intel Inside your computer is recommended and after the installation of their .exe program it’s possible that I saw the differnce with guys owning an Intel Inside computer. I own a smaller Intel Inside laptop. Days later I got my non Intel Inside PC “repaired” at last and was surprised about the speed the Bitcoin being produced.

At this moment the bigger one is overtaking the smaller. I admit dear readers that I still blog with own links but that will soon be bypassed.