The back facade of behind the corner

House about finished

Not to believe but true! The new neighbours are nearly settled. Around the twentiest of Juin 2002 when I came back from Iceland or later after I had given up applying I noticed that the former inhabitant(s) left their light on during the night. Weeks, months or years later I understood that something was wrong over there. They didn’t turn off the lamp. EasyEverything still existed in Brussels but not in Antwerp from where I had departed to Iceland.

During all those years I lived here they have been building and working to offer us the architectural environment we all deserve! Do you know, habitant of Elsene how they build these days? They build a stack of all little kind of kennels. If there are corridors between those kennel I’m not certain. Of course there also comes a roof on the apartment if it’s flat which opens again quite some possibilities. But I’m not so well in touch at that point about these apartments.

The new apartment building
The new apartment building

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