Casual dating necessarily perishable and to be rejected?


Casual dating means a loose physical and emotional relationship without the extra obligations that a more formal romantic relationship entail. The motives for this type of relationship vary. It depends on whether you are a man or a woman and on the culture in which you live what is acceptable within the concept of “casual relationship”. A casual relationship can last longer or for a short time and may or may not be accompanied by partner exclusivity.

Casual student dating

Eighteen-year-olds who start dating often see their relationship as definitive. At that age people also often switch partners. Many young people also choose not to have sex and to wait until they are married. With age, these kinds of intentions are increasingly being blamed so that premarital sex is no longer foreign to the average university student. The casual relationship gives support to both participants, affection and pleasure. At that age, dating also means an apprenticeship in the area of ​​human relationship, giving and taking.

Casual relationships among colleagues

Where casual dating begins innocently in youth, later on it can be a flight from the rut of marriage. In the worst cases, it puts a marriage at risk by what in the law is labeled “adultery” which can lead to divorce. Not to mention the danger of catching a sexually transmitted disease. But with all these negative aspects of casual dating, it can also mean a flight from reality. Or a pleasant distraction for people who are mentally involved in the same work experience the same work stress. There the casual relationship gives support to the partners. Both can also dispense with sex and avoid marriage problems.

Other places where people meet and can enter into a casual relationship

Everywhere people meet, there is the possibility of casual dating. Take, for example, the school gate where the parents come daily to pick up their toddlers, pre-schoolers and primary school pupils. Day after day they see the same faces for the few minutes that they are waiting for the school bell and their kids come storming the school building. They talk to each other and learn to know each other better and better. Moreover, a large number of parents, especially in cities, are single. By divorce or as an unmarried parent. Here it is normal for casual relationships to arise spontaneously.

What’s in it for you?

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