What shall we cook today?

The world is full of culinary geniuses! Starting locally Robert Bultinck, Dirk de Prins, but eventually just anybody’s grandma! Do you Guys know yet that you can find the original cookery of what boring racists call the civilised world at Gutenberg.org? More centrally in the country, you’ve got the Matonge snacks and restaurants with some pubs further in town.


Africans prefer African food as whites eat bread in the morning but no rice as the Chinese do. Some Congolese even give the impression that their aim is taking dinner trice a day. Don’t think that their daily diet always exists in the classical handfull of rice the religious made us believe. No. A common dish is, for instance, well-peppered mouton with rice and saka-saka. Saka-saka is a kind of spinach from the leaves of plants coming out a manioc root. Collard greens exist also but it needs more research to integrate that in this post. Maybe the majority of Western people is better confident with couscous, the most popular North-African or Muslim food but about the latter, I’m not certain either.


Couscous needs some preparations from beforehand. Chickpeas are too hard to be consumed after only being cooked starting from the dry condition. Most people put them in water the night before but I dare bet you can get them bigger when put in water more than one night. Only pay attention to the forming cast, mold or mould as this must be populated with the single-celled organisms Paramecium (slipper animal(?)), and more. In the end, your kids, if you have any, could maybe get a meningitis infection. Let’s do the experiment together just to see how big those chickpeas can become. However, as couscous has to bake several quarters of an hour maybe there is no need to swell them during more than one night as your couscous vegetables could transform into one big puree.

The couscous

Guys when coming straight from a muslim the couscous contains raisins that make it so tasty! Not certain if this is publicly for sale. The only time I consumed it was by a girlfriend who got it somewhere, maybe from family or else from a woman who did that to earn some extra money for everybody who finds her house spontanously. Muslim women are not concentrated on own profits at all.

The greens

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