National Insurance Number Europe’s open borders breakthrough!


Everybody can get stuck now and then but sometimes it can no longer pass through the bracket. This happened to me years ago during my holidays in Scotland. The plane of my flight took off in Zaventem, Brussels BE and while it was landing in Edinburgh I thought by myself: “Heaven I can immediately return home as I brought the wrong bank card with me.” My monthly money would arrive on the account of which I had the card left at home. Settled in the city I started thus a job search which ended in the Holyrood 22, Edinburgh. The latter is an address where many people ever arrived to look for a free shelter. It is also controlled by what they call Scotland’s Intelligentsia, a mass of male, female and mixed cloisters whose religious people interrogate the homeless in exchange of food. And maybe the rest also. You may even choose between a comfortable bed and sleeping on the ground every night in a different church. I chose the latter because I find that people are always so worried about me. Afterwards, I remembered that I had realised something a school girlfriend and I have wanted many years before. That was near the coast about in the South. We had a lot of fun there but didn’t really experience what we had been looking for: Sleeping in a church, visiting the Sillies or Loch Ness.

The difficulty in another European country is probably to know what exactly they mean. I needed my social insurance number and thought it was another administrative number typically for Great Britain. Since yesterday I suppose I’m coming nearer. I found it with the google translator but suppose it can still contain errors. It’s just about the same thing but called different in every country.

The Netherlands: Sofi-nummer
Flanders (Belgium): Rijksregisternummer
Great Britain: National Insurance Number
Iceland: Kennitala.

You will never believe it but I came to this knowledge not during my endless jabber commenting in English but just during a conversation by e-mail with Icelandic employees.

No, you do not need to purchase a national Insurance Number because you already have one

Unless you’re maybe a school leaver from abroad! A National Insurance Number is the most practical thing the creator invented since Eva bite from the Apple. Long live National Insurance Numbers!

Happy job search!

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