Gallus domesticus Congolese – Ayam Cemani

Ayam cemani

No guys this is not the introduction to the feedback on the latest science fiction soap. It’s a post about another member of the Gallus species that isn’t really worth to bring in the kitchen. Or else I confuse. Shortly before the end of year festivities an Angolese and I went eat together somewhere in Matonge. But may I remark that blacks in general prefer hotly spiced food. Since that day I know it about the the degree of toughness of in Congo generally consumed meat also. (Their adored goat meat is impossible)

It’s not easy to live together with blacks except maybe in love. But then the reaction of society can be so abrupt that you don’t believe it! What were we talking about again? One thing. Ayam Cemani doesn’t namely origin from Congo. It is an Asian breed. But it lives in Congo. Look guys I’m not really underlaid in ornithology. But let me tell this.

Contest of a related species.

One day I thought I clearly recognized the wing of a bird in a saucer on a stone warp from here. Suddenly someone had entered the room and I asked if that was her. Then I saw her long fingers picking the wing out of the pot after which she disappeared. By which I feel obligated to add that in Congo in times of crisis they sell a mixture of organic stuff for meat of lower quality. You can find resembling stuff in the archives of the Trump administration. With “archives” I mean quite recent as well.

Mostly went you command chicken wings in Matonge … NO! Not chi

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