Yam or beet?

Yesterday afternoon when I went home with a not too big nor too small yam in my hand I saw mister Matonge walk in the direction of the restaurant his girlfriend owns now more than 25 years. “Do you want it for your New Year?” I said a little sarcastic. “C’est un betterave ça!” He said reminding the naked fields in autumn as you see so many in Brabant. I thought he was a much different man. Someone who explored Congo, in those times called Zaïre.

Highrise in Belgium


Belgium is the proud homeland of a series of skyscrapers below 150 m following a recent negligent search. Let’s mention that the last new skyscraper in Saudi Arabia, the Jeddah tower will reach over 1 kilometer by its expected completion in 2020. Another tower with compared height, Dubai Creek Tower, is expected in 2021 in Dubai. The Burj Khalifa tower in Dubai is 830 m high the tip included. The shard in London is around 300 m, a raw 200 m below the height of WTC tower in New York…